Saturday, March 7, 2009

Samsung S8300

The new Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra comes in an attractive sleek brushed metal effect casing with a slide-open mechanism. The length of the phone measures 139 mm with the slide-keyboard open, and only 110 mm with it closed. The handset is only 12.7 mm thick, which makes it possible to be stored in the tightest of jeans with the minimum of bulge. Apart from that it also offers color highlights.

Like all phones belonging to this category, the S8300 provides all the regular features of a Smart Phone. It has a built in radio and music player which supports most music formats like MP3, AAC and WMA. The controls are easy to use too making it more user-friendly and handy. It also has a built in microphone and loud speaker. While the microphone allows sound recording, the loudspeakers can be employed when one needs both his hands free. Facility of call login, storing information about missed, received and dialed calls is also present. Short messaging service and multimedia messaging service is available too.

The 2.8" screen supports 16 million colours, making the screen a riot of colours.The screen also has an extremely high resolution, which helps bring clarity to images, and make them more lifelike. Touch screen only makes using the phone a different experience altogether.

The 8 mega pixel camera, with easy controls, makes it easier to take lifelike images with amazing clarity. It supports both still images and video. Since the video can be captured at 30 frames per second, there is no blur. There is an integrated dual LED flash, which enables clearer pictures to be taken in the dimmest of lights. The camera supports auto focusing, along with face detection, which for a long time, was limited only to being present in high end digital cameras. The camera also supports geo tagging, which allows the addition of geographical metadata to our pictures.

The rechargeable battery allows up to as much as 4 hours of talk time, and around 350 hours standby when fully charged. If you have this phone, you will no longer be confronted with signals of low battery every time you make that long call. This handset in itself has 80 MBs of memory, and 16 GB expendable memory. This will allow you to keep all the albums and documents stored in it, without compromising on the running speed of the phone.

Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra also supports internet browsers, and allows the download of HTML as well as XHTML content. It is a 3G phone which supports 3GHSDPA technology. This enables a high speed connectivity, fast internet, multitasking skills etc. 3G video calling is also allowed, i.e. it also allows video duplex transmission, wherein you can make a video conversation with other users using compatible 3G phones. Data transmission with other phones and computers is rendered possible due to the phone's support of Bluetooth and USB. EDGE technology present in phone also permits faster data transmission and internet use. So, if you are thinking to grab one, you are thinking right!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Notebook Versus Iphone

Everyone knows what an iPhone is. It has been at the centre of technology buzz since it was released. The latest variant, the iPhone 3G comes with 3G mobile broadband and combines with Apples Safari internet browser. It combines 3 consoles, a phone, a music player and a internet browsing device.
But it shares many similar functions to a mini laptop; the question is which is better?
Turning on
Both have a simple on button but time to take to load up varies. With Linux, the time can be as short as 15 seconds, although Windows XP will take longer. The iPhone will take around 20-25 seconds from turning on to being ready to use.
Winner is this category: Netbook
Typing on both isn't the same as on a desktop, but the netbook still has the edge here. It has a full qwerty keyboard rarely less than 80% the size of a full size keyboard. It takes practice to type quickly on the iPhone's 3.5" touchscreen - I find it fastest with two thumbs, but accuracy is compromised. If you need to be accurate, using the corner of your finger helps. Still, it's difficult, especially when you've got a protective case on to stop scratching the back.
Winner is this category: Netbook

Apple safari as its limitations, but the version on the iPhone is more than adequate. Still, the Mozilla Firefox or Windows Internet Explorer are capable of viewing a lot more and it working. You can surf easier on netbooks, fill in forms quicker and open more windows.

Winner is this category: Netbook

The iPhone was essentially built entirely as an application for communication. Netbooks are designed for another role. As a phone, it would seemingly have the upper hand on communications, what with it's 3G internet and wifi. Netbooks don't generally come as standard with 3G, but wifi is standard. The rise of Skype and other internet phone companies make the netbook very competitive - but it would look a bit strange talking into your microphone of your mini laptop on your typical commute

Winner is this category: iPhone
The iPhone is easily small enough to fit in a pocket, so perhaps is an easy winner here. Still, most of us carry a bag or something similar around with us, which a netbook can easily slip into. The new Sony VAIO P Series can easily slip into a jacket pocket.

Winner is this category: iPhone
Netbooks typically cost between £200-300, whilst your unofficially unlocked iPhone will cost between £350-400 depending on where you want to buy. You can only but the official factory unlocked iPhones in countries where it is illegal to sell locked phones like Belgium, New Zealand, Italy, Australia, France, Germany and Singapore. Officially unlocked iPhones will set you back around £500 - and the price keeps rising as the pound weakens.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Getting Aser With Linux

The Acer Aspire One is already a great deal among mini-laptops, also called netbooks. But if you want to spend even less, consider getting your Acer laptop with the Linux operating system rather than Windows. There are several versions of Linux and the one that comes with the Acer mini laptop is called Linpus Lite. It has the same type of look and feel as Windows, so you won't be totally thrown off, and with Linux you actually have a few advantages, not just price

Lower Laptop Price

Off the bat, the Linux operating system is free, where Windows is not. Therefore the price of any computer loaded with Linux, including the Acer Aspire One, will be less than one with Windows, at least by $50 less.

Faster, Safer Computer

Linux is actually a very stable operating system, used on millions of computers. It run faster and takes up less space than Windows because of its streamlined code, but this is still solid and secure operating system. In fact, it is so rare that a virus would attack your Linux laptop (because of the way file permissions work), that you really don't need an anti-virus application.

Easy to Use

Now, not every version of Linux is a breeze to use right away--some take a little getting used to. However, the Linpus Lite version of Linux, is extremely easy to use, right out of the box. As soon as you turn on the computer, you get a screen with four boxes labeled Connect (with your Internet and email), Work (word processing, spreadsheets, etc.), Fun (games, photo editing, etc.) and Files (to find your documents, your music, and your pictures). No blank desktop, no trying to figure out where your program is from the Start button. Even novice users will be able to quickly pick up on this simple, intuitive Linux environment.

Cheaper applications

The Acer netbook loaded with Linpus has the applications you need to hit the ground running. You have an office suite (word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing), email, Web browsing, calendar, games and more. And there are many other applications you can download to run on Linux, a good number of them for free, like Gimp for photo editing.

If Linux are so great, why don't more people use it?

Since Windows has dominated the marketplace, it gets hard to get other people and businesses to look at other ways of computing. Admittedly, there are some applications that will not run Linux, and if you use must use some specialty application, make sure it will work on your Acer mini. However, every type of application exist in Linux, from word processing to video editing to first-person games, and anything you can do on Windows can be done in Linux. If you are mostly using your computer for typing, drawing and pictures and Internet-an Acer Aspire One mini laptop loaded with Linpus Linux Lite will work just as well for you.

Toshiba M115

The Toshiba laptop m115 is part of the budget laptop series. These laptops offer a wide variety of options, high performance, and durability for a lower price than some of Toshiba's other laptop models.

As with most any other Toshiba laptop the finish is gray and black. This more professional look is respected by many, but for others that are looking for more flare it is not. But, in today's market you can buy laptop skins to customize any laptop outer shell to match your personality.
The Toshiba laptop m115 does appear to have a box shape and is rather bulky. However, the lines are seamless and the overall build to the laptop allows the inner components not to be cramped. This feature means the laptop does not overheat as quickly as some other notebooks that have their inner components tightly cramped inside.

Many find the keyboard on the Toshiba laptop m115 to be too small and cramped. Although I haven't measured the keys, I am almost certain the key size is not the standard size on most computers. I had a hard time typing on the Toshiba m115 and generally do not like the layout at all. The media bar on the Toshiba m115, in my opinion, really throws off the flow of the keyboard.

Battery life on the Toshiba laptop m115 stacked up fairly nicely. You can expect to get about 2 hours of battery life while the notebook is playing a movie at full brightness, three hours for normal use.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Asus M530W Vs Blackberry

If you are excited to have a new mobile phone just before the year ends; then, you may consider hopping to different sites on the Internet in search for the most fantastic phone you can have. As a buyer, it is normal for you to conduct several comparisons of different mobiles to assure that you will be getting the best deal with the best model. However, because of the vast selections of mobiles offered on the Internet today, you might need to allocate a good amount of time to do your search. And that can be a problem if you do not have enough time to do such search. But don't fret, you may consider comparing the most-sought mobile models today: the Asus M530W; and the Blackberry Bold. These two mobiles are viewed to be powerful enough to give off not just fashion but as well as function.

Asus M530W Overview

ASUSTek Corporation has earned a high reputation when it comes to computer electronics, pocket pc, and mobiles of course. Because of this, they were able to come up with great models and one of which is the Asus M530W. Unlike other models, the Asus M530W is especially designed with the capability to run the new operating system of Windows Mobile-Windows Mobile 6 standard. So, you can easily access the Office Mobile including the Windows Live Services and Live Messenger. This model is also set with great Marvell PXA270 processor with 416MHZ. This is also supported with 3G and camera with two mega pixels. Another awesome feature of this model is its built-in business Card Recognition. This is also equipped with competent connectivity as it is built with top-speed transfer capabilities.

Blackberry Bold Overview

The model of Black Berry Bold is recognizable at first sight because of its glamorous looks. It appears too clean, too bright, and too dazzling. But apart from its beauty, this is also packed with awesome features such as 3G, Wi-Fi, and GPS. Additionally, its battery can last for long. One of its users gave a positive feedback that despite of many emailing, 3G browsing, and other daily application use; the battery is only reaching half charge, giving her no worries for straight eight hours in a day. The entertainment it brings is also fantastic as it can play music, movies, as well as browse the Internet. Also, if you have your favorite iTunes music on your desktop; you may freely transfer them to your Blackberry Bold. Its memory storage is marked as 1GB.
Which is Which?

So, have you picked your choice between the two mobile phone models? If you are after for fashion more than the function, you may opt to Blackberry Bold; nevertheless, its features are also competent. But if you prefer function over fashion, you may opt to Asus M530W since it more advance and more competitive features. However, Blackberry Bold is packed with a more reliable battery as compared to the Asus M530. Anyhow, either choice is good. The final verdict will all up to you depending to your want and to your need.

Blackberry Review

A permanent access to all your emails... You dream about it? Blackberry phone did it. The BlackBerry is a wireless handheld device introduced in 1999 which supports push email, mobile telephone, text messaging, internet faxing, web browsing and other wireless information services. Same size as a PDA, with a mini keyboard, BlackBerry device allows you to receive and reply to emails. 

How does it work? Connected to a cell phone network (Cingular BlackBerry, T-Mobile BlackBerry, Sprint BlackBerry, Nextel BlackBerry and Verizon BlackBerry), terminal BlackBerry regularly query the email server of the user. When a new email arrives, the terminal signals it. The user can then read the message and reply. Innovation comes from the fact that synchronization of the emails with the messaging server is real time through the cell phone network it is connected and it supports both GSM, GPRS and UMTS. 

Of course, BlackBerry service is more specifically dedicated to companies. The devices are very popular with some businesses, where they are primarily used to provide email delivery to roaming employees. To fully integrate the BlackBerry cell phone into a company, the installation of BlackBerry Enterprise Server is required. 

But the popular device BlackBerry that allows reading emails using cell phone network is forbidden in some companies. Indeed, some security experts fear about communications being intercepted. However, Research In Motion (RIM), editor of BlackBerry, claims that all the traffic is encrypted from start to end by the Blackberry servers installed in companies. In fact it has the exact same security level as a traditional VPN if correctly configured. 

A Blackberry handheld allows users to fulfill their need of communication but also give them the feeling of control that a phone conversation doesn't offer. More and more professionals often work in mobility situation and need to permanently be connected to computing system of the company. 

According to a recent study, one third of business users show signs of BlackBerry addiction almost similar to those of alcoholism. Some people even use the ironical term "crackberries" to name the phenomenon. Also, most users are supposed to get BlackBerry devices to enhance their productivity but their constant attachment to email make it hard for them to concentrate on other things when they are out of office. 

The professional Blackberry is a "all in one" terminal, phone/PDA/messaging, which design is optimized to allow users to manage emails on the go and to access various applications. The original BlackBerry device had a monochrome display, but all current handsets have color displays. 

Most BlackBerry devices is equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard, The ease of keying in and sending not only emails, but also SMS, is particularly practical, even if they do not have a BlackBerry. However, the BlackBerry has no memory extension, no 3G compatibility, no camera and not much style. What is more, multimedia functions still remain low compared to other Symbian or Windows mobile. That is until today with RIM unveiling its first and brand new multimedia phone dubbed the new BlackBerry Pearl. But still BlackBerry devices depend on mobile phone service coverage and are not WIFI compatible unlike similar handheld devices that are on the market now. 

RIM BlackBerry is increasingly integrating instant messaging into their new devices and software. RIM offers its own proprietary BlackBerry Instant Messenger, but also offer a Yahoo Chat and Google Talk clients and probably an upcoming BlackBerry MSN Messenger client. 
According to RIM, BlackBerry PDA is used by about 5.5 million users worldwide. Blackberry is used by almost 3 million users in America. Some sources say about 1 million government employees are regular users. Canada is another one of the key market of the company.
While including the usual PDA applications such as address book, calendar, to-do lists, etc… you can always download more BlackBerry software like games, ringtones, themes, webclient and other applications.

Top Note Books In The Market

Notebooks are the hottest trend in the computing industry, and for good reason. Ultraportable yet powerful, notebooks make excellent secondary machines to desktop computers. They are perfect travel companions. The year 2008 saw the rise of different model brands. It began with the motherboard manufacturer Asus, but other known computer brands released their own incarnations of the Asus' free notebook. For would-be buyers, here's a rundown on the top six notebook models.

* MSI Wind U100

The MSI Wind U100 has great features that make it a great buy and a stand-out among all the notebooks available in the market. By using a 10-inch LCD screen (as opposed to a seven-inch), this notebook model is easier to work with. The keyboard is also one of the best designed ones on the market and is very comfortable to use for something so small. Probably the only downside to this notebook model is that it uses a 3-cell, so it only has a short battery life.

* HP 2133 Mini-Note

The HP mini note is unique in the notebook market for some features, including a metal case, a VIA C7-M processor instead of an Intel Atom and an Express Card slot, which al
lows it to use laptop expansion cards such as cellular and Wireless WAN cards. All told, this notebook model can double as a business system, although it is rather more expensive than other models.

* Lenovo IdeaPad S10

This notebook model may be a latecomer to the notebook market, but its wonderful features will make you look back at it. Like the HP Mini-Note, it has an Express Card slot wireless WAN and like the MSI Wind U100, it also has a 10-inch LCD screen. The best part about this Lenovo notebook is that it is very easy to upgrade the hard drive or the RAM ? you only have to open an easy-access panel. However, the Idea Pad S10 currently only has a 3-cell battery pack with no aftermarket batteries available. Also, it only has two USB 2.0 ports and is noticeably warmer than other notebooks.

* Dell Inspiron Mini 9

This notebook model is probably the only notebook that operates in complete silent thanks its solid state drive and its lack of cooling fans, although this causes the unit to be very warm with prolonged use. The access panel on the bottom of the casing readily provides users with access to the major components like the memory, solid state drive and mini-PCI card.